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Carolina helped me to see me. Everything I was carrying around inside me was hurting me and hurting my life.  It was toxic. She helped me to see that I needed to embrace ALL of my feelings in order to heal.( Good and bad). To be triggered is a good thing, it helps to bring awareness and it  Helps us to see what's really going on inside and process those feeling.( unpack the feelings and let go). She helped me to understand my story and  where I came from. She helped me to understand that just as I have my journey that I came from, so do others.  Even the ones that inflicted the most pain on me.  Maybe they too had a story, their own journey.  Well, it turns out they did and finding that out led me to understand them, have compassion and finally to forgive them.  A kind of forgiveness I NEVER thought I could extend.  Carolina showed me forgiveness is as much about me as it is the person receiving it.  Being able to forgive helped me heal and let go of the constant anger and hatred that consumed me. Allowing me to move forward just a little more everyday. I'm still a work in progress. Carolina has gotten me through some of my darkest times. I've been able to say things to her I could never say to another because she gets it,  not with judgement but with compassion and understanding. She offers so many great ideas and tools and sometimes she just listens. She always says "more will be revealed".  With every session something new was revealed, it may have been something hard or maybe  an "ah ha" moment.  Regardless, it was always a great revelation that's Carolina revealed!

Joyce K

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