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A coach acts as a sounding board, someone who truly listens to what you say with an objective ear. By asking the right questions, a coach can help you appreciate the positive things in your life, identify your values, define your goals and stick to them. While clients may be successful in many aspects of their lives, here are a few areas in which Coach Butterfly may help you find solutions.

My Commitment

You will receive:
  • Grounded judgment free authentic confidential and open minded coaching on topics you wish to discuss. together in a client and coach relationship.
  • We will seek find and move you in the direction of growth through patients and Grace at a pace that works for you.
  • I will create a space that’s safe and secure. So you will be willing to vulnerable.


Rid yourself of the negative mindset and beliefs that hold you back by regarding yourself in a positive light.


Manage and cope with the loss of a loved one or deal with unexpected life events you may be encountering.

Christian/Spiritual Awareness/Growth

Understand your faith on a deeper level; support in strengthening your faith and your spiritual path; accountability to yourself based on Christian and/or Spiritual values.


Problems in relationships can be a hindrance to creating strong bonds with others. Learn to “open the door” and reach your desired relationship with your loved ones.
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